Saturday, April 10, 2010


Yes, I am posting about Christmas in April! I need to post everything I have missed for scrapbooking purposes so here it is! Hopefully I will be better at blogging from now on.

Alex was trying REALLY hard to open this present!

Jaxson's favorite gift was this double basketball arcade game. Him and Alex also got Jazz jerzey's to go with it.

Nelson's favorite gift was this little MP3 music player. He loves rocking out to it.
All the grandkids in their new shirts


This is just a cute pic of when Nelson fell asleep reading a book. Nelson is now potty trained! YAY! Actually, can I still say that when he still has accidents quite a bit? The little stinker will do so good and even stay dry through the night and then some days he will just pee his pants all day long! Oh well, he's only2, right? He is still my cuddliest little boy, but he is turning into a naughty boy! He loves to make messes, be mischevious, and tell me no! He's talking better, but basically just copies you when you tell him to say things. His cutest thing he says is when you ask him a question, he says "ya" really cute. And when you tell him do something he says "K"


For his birthday Alex got bug catching gear and a Diego Rescue Pack (just a regular backpack) to put it all in. Then he got all dressed up like Diego and was ready to go huntin' for bugs! To bad the ground was covered in snow that day! Alex is sure growing up. He can ride a bike with no training wheels. He only whines about 70% of the time now rather than 100%. O.k., I might be exagerating. He always makes me laugh with the funny things he says.
Nelson and Grady

Nelson, Me, Grady

I luv these boys!

Brotherly Love!

Jeremy reading People Magazine to Alex to get him to sleep!


Nelson all ready for the Gate City Easter Egg Hunt

My favorite boys at grandpa's after the egg hunt

We had the Briscoe family Easter party at our house this year and it was really fun.

Easter Morning!

Jeremy hates this pic! It was easter morning and Alex put on Hannah's flower headband, while holding a sippy cup, and sucking on a sucker binky(ring pop) My 4 year old has turned back into a baby!


I love going to my boys soccer games! This is Alex's first year playing. He loved his soccer practice and wore his cleats and jersey all day everyday for a week. Then it was time for his first game and he refused to play! I'm hoping next saturday goes better. Jaxson on the other hand scored 11 goals.

Jaxson is our sports enthusiast. His obsession right now is basketball. It always is during basketball season. He is a HUGE Jazz fan! I don't know many 6 year olds that can watch an entire basketball game on t.v., but that is all Jaxson wants to do lately. He loves the Jazz games best, but if there aren't any on he will watch whatever games are on even if it is girls college games! He cracks me up. If he doesn't grow up to be an NBA player he will definately be a sports announcer! He repeats the whole 4th quarter to me play by play. It is hilarious!


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Lacey! I have missed you way too much! I am so glad you updated!

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I love all the new posts. I had not seen the halloween picts. You look AWESOME! I love that you have from Christmas to now & Alex makes me laugh also.

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oh wow!! i havn't cheacked for so long cuz everyime i would see halloween and such... which was good, but i'm so happy to see more!! cute family lacey and so good to see you:)

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