Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fly Away!

My boys LOVE The Tim Mcgraw song "Fly Away" Whenever we are driving Jeremy turns it up way loud and they sing it at the top of their lungs. A couple of times lately I'll hear Alex when he's just playing by himself singing it and the other day there was a fly by him and he said "Look, mom, bug!" and I said "Thats a fly" He started singing "fly away! fly away!" and now everytime he sees a fly he sings it! My kids are so cute, I know!

Random pics that need posting

Guilty Eyes!
Alex snuck some suckers our of my purse and I found him in the corner lookig very guilty!
Busy, Busy little boy!
Nelson is all over the place!

I can't even load the dishwashwer without him climbing inside!

When summers over I am going to miss
having the kids eat outside all the time!

Sweet, Sweet, Slumber

Isn't he an Angel!

Naughty Little Boy!

This is Alex after he decided to open my lotion and spill it all over everything and try to eat it! Yuck! It is a very scented lotion like perfume. I can't imagine it would taste very good!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Salt Lake City Trip
A couple of weeks ago we took a little weekend trip to Salt Lake. The first day Jeremy and I got to go see the Broadway production of High School Musical. (thanks for watching our kids Jana!) It was pretty cute. I would look over and see Jeremy laughing and when he noticed me watching him he would roll his eyes and say this is so lame! It was funny. Then that night we just played in the pool at the hotel. The kids loved loved it!Nelson would sit on the top step and just splash and squeal. Alex would climb all over the stairs and then when he got brave enough to jump in to Jeremy thats all he wanted to do over and over again. Jaxson started out that first night so scared of the water he would not get off the steps and when Jeremy tried to take him out farther he threw a royal fit! Screaming and crying at the top of his lungs! But by the end of the trip he was running and jumping into the pool with his waterwings on in the deep end and swimming across the entire pool!
The next day we went to the Hogle Zoo. Nelson did great and slept most the time. Alex had alot of fun. Jaxson was a bit mored interested in following the map to find all the animals and then would only look at them for about 1/2 a second and was ready to set out to find the next one.