Thursday, January 29, 2009

I've been BUG tagged, List 10 things that BUG you!
10 ThInGs ThAt BuG Me!
1. Telemarketers. Especially rude ones!

2. Getting woke up twice everynight and then again at 5:30 in the morning.
(by my beautiful children of course!)

3. When I don't get all my grocery bags at walmart because the clerk doesn't spin the bag thing around to make sure you got them all!

4. When I mop the floor and it dries all streaky and with little footprints in it because the kids just cant resist walking on it.

5. Pushing shopping carts in the snow.

6. When I'm late to get somewhere and the cat runs inside and hides from me.

7. My camera taking crappy pictures all the sudden and i don't know why.

8. That the pizza delivery man can never find our house on the first try.

9. When someone is coming over so I make sure the house looks spotless and absolutely everything is picked up and then Jeremy comes home and takes his shoes off in the middle of the floor, hangs his coat over the kitchen chair, and throws the mail on the counter.( sorry Jer, I do still luv ya!)

10. That I can have my house spotless one day and the next it can look like it hasn't been cleaned for a month!
10 people I "bug" tag:
1. Raelyn B.
2. Brittney B.
3. Stacey B.
4. Abby C.
5. Shawna R.
6. Brooke K.
7. Cami E.
8. Heather S.
9. Kristina A.
10. Leslie B.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Jaxson and I were having a little bit too much fun taking pictures of ourselves the other day! I just love this kid!

Nelson found a fun new game. He throws all the books off the bookshelf and then climbs inside it! of couse Alex had to join in the fun!

The other morning Alex was being silly trying to make Nelson laugh. It was really cute!

I gave Nelson a haircut the other day and I think he looks pretty darn handsome! The pics are backwards so the before pic is at the bottom!
Isn't he just the cutest!

This is right out of the bathtub and he did not want his pic taken!

This is his wild hair before. I just let him sit in the bathroom sink while I cut it and he did great!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Eve
We had our annual Christmas Eve party at Todd and wendy's this year. It was way fun and the food was Delicious! Wendy did a great job with everything and she even had cute ornaments for the kids to paint. They loved it. Thanks Todd and Wendy!

All the babies with their grandpa Terry!

Annalyn, Nelson, Grady, Stetson, Ashlynn

Hannah, Joanna, Miley, Jaxson, Britton, Toby being silly

Miley and Alex - Alex did not want his picture taken!

Jaxson singing Jingle Bells for the program.

ARRG! Matey!

All 3 of my boys got really cool pirate ships from their grandpa Terry. They loved them!

Alex learned how to wink and it is so funny. He has to open his mouth really big to be able to close only one eye!

Grady and Nelson in their cute matching P.J's
We had a slumber party in our bedroom on christmas eve. We kept the kids up late hoping that they would sleep in, but to no surprise Alex was up at 6 a.m. and ready to go! I was up until 2 a.m. helping santa clause so I was very grouchy! I tied to get Alex to go back to sleep but then Jeremy woke up and like a little kid was like "Lets go see if Santa came!"

The boys got this cool train table and they loved it, but Alex and Nelson both thought you were supposed to sit on top of it.

My boys in their cute christmas p.j.'s

Nelson in his adorable John Deere sweatshirt. He also got boots to match.