Friday, July 17, 2009


Some cute pics of my baby boy.

He got really tired and fell asleep right in his fry sauce!

He already wants to dress himself. This was his attempt at putting on his own p.j's. He would not let me help him!

AlEx & MiLeY = BFF

Alex and his cousin Miley are so darn cute together. They just love playing with each other. I took these pics a few months back when we were babysitting one day.

After they played in the yard they went inside and I found them naked in the bathtub just laughing.

I was trying to get them to lean their heads in together so I could take a pic and they both leaned their head the same way.
So then I said touch heads.....and this is what they did.
Then I said touch cheeks and they both put their hands on their cheecks, and then I told Alex to kiss Mileys cheek and he did it with his hands still on his face.

Oh they make me laugh! I can't wait until they are 16 and I can show them these pictures!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Well since it has been FOREVER since I have blogged and I am way behind I decided to just finally start little by little catching up. So to start with the oldest pics I didnt post, It's PRESCHOOL GRADUATION! Jaxson was so cute at his graduation. I thought he would be too shy, but when it was his turn he was so cute and spoke so loud and clear.


Nelson is seriously EnJoYiNg some chocolate pudding!

Lick it clean!

More Please!