Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jaxson's playing for the Utah Jazz!

Jaxson's favorite thing in the whole world are his 553 basketball cards. He plays with them all day long everyday. He sorts them into different categories and counts and recounts them. He has an amazing memory and he can tell you players names and numbers, the position they play and all the teams they have ever played for. He is of course obsessed with the Jazz. So I decided to make him his own basketball card. I thought it would be cute too to use it for his preschool student spotlight.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Alex is 3! Happy Birthday!

Alex LOVES birthday parties and birthday cakes so he was so excited to have his own finally! I let him pick a cake out of a book of birthday cakes and he wanted the monster birthday cake. It was all he could talk about for weeks. "I get a monster birthday cake mom?!" We had a little lunch time birthday party with his cousins and had the kids decorate monster face pizzas.

This is his monster birthday cake. He loved it! It's so nice to be appreciated!

This is Nelson and his cousin Annalyn at the birthday party.

All the kids playing with Alex's new bubble gun. He got 2 of them!

I don't think Alex even realized he was going to get presents. He was so excited for a birthday cake, he kind of forgot about the presents part of the birthday. So he was doubly excited!

When it was time to blow out the candles I wondered if I would have to show him what to do. I still think of the kid as my little baby! He knew exactly what to do though!

We got him this cute little tricycle. It has a little licsence plate on the back with his name on it. He was sooo excited! This is him doing a cool trick on it.

A little about my bestest bud Alex..........

Alex loves to help me in the kitchen. Never fail as soon as I start making anything within 2 seconds he is pulling up a stool to help. He especially loves to roll out dough. Oh, and make mac n' cheese. The only thing I do is put the water in the pot, and drain the water when the noodles are done. He has to do everything else or there is a major fit involved.

He loves to snuggle baby's and stuffed animals and put them down for naps during the day. This is a pic of him snuggling his Jazz bear. It was so cute the other day I was looking at a magazine and their was a little 3" picture of a sleeping baby and Alex reached out with his thumb and pointer finger like he picked it up and set in his arms and then rocked back and forth humming like he picked up that little baby right off the page and it was real! He has such an imagination!

He loves to drive Nelson crazy! Whenever Nelson is in the high chair Alex has to push his stool right next to him and help him eat. I turned around this day to see that Alex needed to be even closer and sit right on his tray! As you can see, Nelson was not happy about it!

He no longer takes naps unless he falls asleep in the car or if he's really tired he will fall asleep on the floor. The other day I heard a weird noise and I realized I hadn't seen or heard Alex for a little bit. I could not figure out where the noise was coming from and I kept calling Alex's name and then I discovered him, snoring loudly asleep in the laundry basket. What a cutie!

I think this picture totally shows his little personality.

O.k., just a few more cute things about my Alex. He is so polite and always asks me in the sweetest little voice for things. Of course if I don't answer him the first time or if I say no, he keeps asking over and over again and his voice raises each time until he is screaming at me! We are working on that one. :) Whenever he gets hurt even a little bit he cries and whines until I kiss it better and then he is immediately better. It's nice to have magical kisses!

He is such a smart, funny, cute little boy! I love you Alex!