Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My poor Boys have been Miserable! They all have a really bad cough and Nelson also has an ear infection. I had to set Nelson down the other day (I have been holding him 24/7!) and sweet little Jaxson was trying to make him feel better. He is such a good big brother! Even though he was feeling horrible himself he just wanted to help Nelson. Jax and Alex share a room and one night after I put them to bed they were both coughing really bad and Jax kept calling my name and when I would go in he would say "Mom, Alex really needs you." He was so worried about his little brother. I don't know what I would do without Jaxson. He is such a big helper.

The kids got this train table for christmas and when you put the lid on it is just a fun little table to color on and stuff. I was excited because we put the lid on it for the first time and turned on Cars movie and got out the big Cars coloring books. The kids Loved it!

Alex is a very picky eater so I have been trying to be creative to get him to eat more of a variety of food. So for a snack the other day I made this monster face. Jaxson loved it and ate the whole thing. The 2nd picture is what Alex did to his.

He immediately took off the spinach and orange and said "I don't like these!" and then he took the raisins off the apples and said "No, the raisins go on the plate!" So much for trying to be a fun mom!
The Binky is Gone!

This is a past picture of Alex with his 2 favorite things, his binky and his blanky. It shows him doing his weird habit of sticking the blankets tied edges in his nose and swirling it around. Weird and gross, I know! A few weeks ago I found out just how comforting his nose picking thing is to him. His stomach was hurting really bad for about a week and he was miserable and cried all the time. When I couldn't calm him down I would take his blanket and swirl it around his nose and his head would immediatly start bobbing up and down and his eyelids would flutter and he would just fall asleep! I mean within like 10 seconds! It was really funny! Anyway, I have been tring to figure out how we were going to take his binky away from him for awhile now because I was sure it would not be easy! But one day I just couldnt find it anywhere and so I made him go to sleep without it and it wasnt as big a fight as I thought it would be so I decided it would be lost for good. He only asked for it for 3 nights and then one morning he told me "mom, you give me a binky, but binkys are for babys. I'm a big boy. I don't need a binky." I was amazed! And better yet, I realized the other day that we were giving him his blanky everynight, but he wouldn't stick it in his nose. So I just started not even giving him his blanky and he hasnt said anything! I guess the binky and blanky were a package deal! The only downside is he used to go to bed very easy and now I have to lay down with him. Hopefully when he's feeling better he wont need that anymore. So I guess my Alex is turning into a big boy! Now, if only I could potty train him.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jazz Game

A couple weeks ago we decided on the spur of the moment to go to a Jazz game as a family. I was quite nervous to have all 3 kids at the game. With Alex's non-stop temper tantrums and Nelson constantly needing to be on the go, I thought we were crazy to attempt it! But it ended up being so fun! The kids were so excited the second we got to the hotel. Nelson was just in heaven exploring everything. He insisted on walking everywhere. He would just run up and down the halls laughing. He hated the elevator though, just like his brother Alex. We didn't get as many pics at the game as I would have hoped. We had 2 kids that needed carried and they were giving out big bear mugs at the entrance, so our hands were pretty full!
Jaxson was so fun. He knows all the Jazz players names and numbers so he knew who it was when they would make a basket and he would cheer really loud for them. Alex just stared at the game with a big grin on his face and when everybody would cheer he would turn and look at me and smile. He started chanting "Defense" a couple times but then got embarrassed and covered his face. It was really cute.

Nelson was interested in the excitement for the first couple of minutes and then he got pretty restless and just wanted to eat food off the floor. I was able to get him to last until halftime and then me and him went back to the hotel.
Before the game their were a bunch of team mascots there for the Jazz Bears birthday and they were autographing posters. The kids thought they were so cool. You can't really tell, but Alex fell asleep looking at his poster and he is still holding it right above his face.
Jaxson wanted me to take this pic of him and Nelson. He was like"Mom, look how cute me and Nelson are together. Take our picture!"
After the game we went swimming at like 11pm. Jaxson and Alex LOVED it, but Nelson was a bit tired and cranky. It was so nice to just get away and have a fun family outing even for just one day. We really needed it.