Thursday, October 30, 2008

What we have been doing lately..........

Playing Soccor........
Jaxson just finished Fall Soccor. He was big enough to move up to the older team this year and it gave him a little more competition. He Loves soccor and he is really good at it too.

Playing in the leaves...............
Jaxson loved it, but Alex was too scared as usual, and poor little Nelson was too sick to care.

Eating disgusting food.............
I have been really excited to do some fun halloween things with my kids this year, but for the last 2 weeks someone has always been sick so we never even carved pumpkins or anything so finally tonight for dinner I made worms with brains covered in guts (spagetti and meatballs) and the kids thought it was the coolest thing ever! Nelson has been sick on and off all week, but he hadn't thrown up for a full day and was eating and drinking like normal so I let him eat some spagetti ( I thought that was a cute pic of him all covered in spagetti), but I guess the poor kid just couldn't handle it, he ended up throwing up again tonight. It made me feel like a pretty bad mom for feeding him spagetti!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

GhOuLs NiGhT OuT

My sis-in-law Trisha had a Halloween Party Saturday Night just for the girls. It was so fun. Everybody's costumes were so cute and we had so much yummy food that I got sick to my stomach. After the party a few of us crazy ones went to Applebees in our costumes, but it was too busy so we ended up at Wingers. We got some pretty crazy looks from people. But it was so fun to just be wild and crazy with no kids! This is me with my sis-in-laws, Wendy(tired nursing mother), Me(witch), Raelyn(vampire Bella), Jana(Devil), Trisha(punk rock fairy)
Me and Trisha - Aren't we cute!

I'm thinkin' I look more like a vampire than a witch, Next party I'll have to add some vamp teeth.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I thought I would do an update on all the kids. This pic is from Jaxsons first day of pre-school. Isn't he handsome?! He is loving school and learning so much. He now writes his name like a pro. Jaxson is such a passionate kid. When he decides he is interested in something, he is full time interested! This summer it was bugs, as soon as it turned fall his new passion was leaves. I gave him an old photo album and he spent all his time collecting leaves and arranging them in his album, he has since decided he wants to collect stamps and wrappers. He comes up with all these ideas on his own. He is also going through a coloring phase. He would sit at the table and color all day. He loves to watch that Planet Earth show and he decided he wanted a list of all the cool animals he sees on the show so we draw a little pic and write the name of it and now he has a whole notebook of animals. He was in high heaven last night when we found a planet earth coloring book! Jaxson is such a sweet kid and is so good to his little brothers. He helps me out so much, sometimes I worry I put too much pressure on him to help with his brothers, but he is always so willing. I bought a parenting book last night and this morning Jaxson asked what the book was about and I told him it teaches me how to be a good mommy. He said "but mom you already are a good mommy even without the book!" I love that kid!

Alex is at such a fun age. He is constantly making me laugh (or cry depending on the mood he's in!). He used to wake up really grouchy in the morning, now he wakes up all silly and hyper(at 5:30 in the morning, I might add!). Although, he does need a bowl of cereal immediatly or it can turn to grouchy real fast! He is definately a moody 2 year old! He doesn't really have temper tantrums like Jaxson did. He just cries...and cries..... and cries. He is just a sensitive little boy. His new thing is everytime he gets in trouble he comes to me with his little puppy dog eyes and says " Be nice to Alex mom!" or "Say sorry to Alex mom!" He is really good to his little brother and absolutely adores his older brother. He copies everthing Jaxson does and says. He has started to be very independent. whenever he spills something he insists on cleaning it up, he insists on throwing his own diapers in the garbage,(I know, that should mean he would be old enough to be potty trained, been there done that, very traumatizing for the both of us!), basically he insists on almost everything being done in a very specific way or it could set off the tears! I guess that is life with a 2 year old! Besides all the terrible twos, he is such a great kid with such a cute personality!

Nelson is developing such a cute personality. He loves to explore and play with toys. He can't get enough of his brothers. He absolutely loves them. I am still his favorite person in the world, but he is starting to venture a little! There have actually been times he wanted Jeremy instead of me! (he really just likes to play with jeremys phone, but i pretend its just that he wants Jeremy to make him feel good!) He just had a dr.'s appt. and he weighs 22 lbs! That seems so big to me. The percentiles showed basically that he is short, fat, and has a huge head! Thats ok, I'm sure he'll grow out of it! He isn't walking yet, because he is a little scaredy cat, but he gets around plenty fast anyway. He has mastered the stairs and crawls up and down them all day long and laughs at his new skill. He is basically a happy kid, but he hates to sleep so he gets tired and then fights it like crazy so it seems like my whole day is spent trying to get him to take a nap. Once I finally get him to bed at night he sleeps great all cuddled up next to me all night long! SPOILED! He is growing up so fast it makes me sad! When I think about how I am responsible for these boys whole lives and for the kind of men they will become it is a really overwhelming feeling. I just hope I have what it takes! I sure am blessed though to have such great kids and a great husband.

Monday, October 13, 2008

First snowman of the year!

This is Jaxsons cool snowman he made today. He was very proud of himself. And as for the outfit Jaxson is wearing, he dressed himself.

Fall walk at Cherry Springs

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

He got this ballpit from his grandpa Terry and he loves it!
When I gave him his birthday cake he looked at me like "Seriously, your just going to let me eat this?" He was so excited and every bite he took he just giggled. It was seriously the cutest thing ever.

This is the toy Jeremy and I gave him. He didn't care about any other presents he just wanted to play with this.

These are best buds, Grady, Stetson, and Nelson

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

LoOk WhO's OnE!

Isn't he ADORABLE!

Nelson David Briscoe was born October 8, 2007. He was a little SURPRISE and it has turned out to be the best surprise of our lives! Nelson is the sweetest and cuddliest and happiest little boy ever! He is truly a huge mamas boy. He is attached to my hip 24/7, which I may complain about sometimes, but I secretly LOVE it! How lucky am I to have this time with him always at my side. He even sleeps in my bed cuddled up to me everynight. He loves to play with his brothers and loves books and any toy with a steering wheel that he can ride on or in. He is a pure joy to be around.

I love you Nelson!

P.s. His birthday is actually tomorrow, but I posted this today because I still have birthday party pics and some other way cute pictures to post so there is more to come!