Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween and such

Since I last posted Jaxson turned 6 and Nelson turned 2. All my pictures of Jaxson's b-day party are on my brothers camera still so a late birthday post for him is to come! Nelson, well, poor third child didn't even get any pics of his b-day! Didn't even really get a party either. How bad of a mom am I! I am getting his pictures taken soon though so I will do a late birthday post for him too. Meanwhile, here are the pics of all things I haven't posted yet.....................

Fancy Birthday Party
Alex was invited to his cousin Miley's "Fancy Nancy" birthday party and I went to help with it. We got all dressed up fancy and went on a date to it.


The following pictures are just a bunch of fun pics we have taken of ourselves.


The kids were such fun for halloween this year. Jaxson was Frankenstein, Alex was Elvis, and Nelson was a chicken. Nelson thought it was sooo cool that he could hold his bag out at peoples houses and they would give him candy! He was also very funny later that night when he was on an extreme sugar high!


Clay and Britt said...

Love the costumes! Your kids are seriously cute. Lacey, you are a babe! Yep.

cami said...

Those are THE cutest costumes!!!!!!!!!