Sunday, June 29, 2008

More campin' pics

Jaxson skipping rocks
Jax and Alex watching the dogs play in the water
Nelli and Nana
Tired after a long weekend of fun

Nelson't first spagetti dinner

This is Nelson after feeding him a jar of spagetti baby food. He doesn't like to just eat it, he likes to grab the jar and the spoon and some how wipes it all over his face!
This is Alex after I took the picture of Nelson he threw a huge fit yelling "CHEESE! CHEESE! CHEESE!" until I pointed the camera at him and he says sweetly "cheese!"
I got this tent while I was pregnant with Nelson and I got it out for the first time and he loves it! Except he's not the only one that loves it. All three boys crowd inside it and play together. It is so cute. It kept them entertained for like 3 days straight they all just played inside the tent all day. I love when they all play together it is so fun.