Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter and more.....lots more.......and even more

I walked into the kitchen the other day to find Alex like this. Notice the fish sticks on the cookie sheet in the background? Ya, He told me he was just cooking fish sticks for lunch!

Nelson loves, loves the slide! He has been going down it non stop when he's outside and he can even climb up to it himself out. He is fearless!

Mommy - Son Jazz Game Date!

Thanks to Jana we got some great prices on tickets to a jazz game and decided it would be fun if all the moms took their boys. It was such a blast! Even if we did sit on the very very top row!

Zac & Jax - best buds

Boys being silly at Red Robyn

Me and Jax

Zac, Jaxson, Tyer, Hunter

All tuckered out on the way home. How sweet!

Jaxson lost his first tooth!

Isn't he cute?

Nelson loves to accessorize
It's o.k. that I don't have a little girl to put bows and earings and bracelets on because Nelson is my little accessorizer. He loves to put on sunglasses and hats and necklaces
(the cool boy kind, of course)

Backyard Picnic
Who knew that something as simple as a picnic in the backyard would make my kids sooo happy! Jaxson thought it was the coolest thing ever that we even had a checkered blanket and wicker basket for the food. Alex was happy, but he kept asking "Where's the picnic at, mommy?" "When do we get a picnic?" He didn't quite understand what a "picnic" was.

Jaxson is playing soccor for Gate City Soccor this year and he is having so much fun! Not to brag or anything, but my kid is pretty dang talented! It is so fun to watch him play. He is so focused and serious it is funny. He scored 6 goals his first game and 5 at his second game.

And Finally........ EASTER!

Grady & Nelson

My kids in their cute church clothes

All the Briscoe cousins after the easter egg hunt

Miley & Alex proud of his easter eggs he found.