Friday, November 21, 2008

I fed Nelson Ravioli and Jello salad the other day and I guess he decided it was his new favorite food! I have never seen a kid more happy or more messy! (I guess I didn't feed it to him. I obviously just let him have at it!) These are my sweet little monsters that wake up at 5:30 every morning! This is a bit to early for Jaxson, but Alex wakes him up. So Jaxson wanted to lay on the couch and of course Alex had to copy him. I thought they looked really cute!
Nelson started crying so I ran to see what was wrong and he had got him self stuck inside the cabinet. I started laughing really hard so then he thought it was really funny too.

The other morning Alex woke up with a huge craving for Mac N' Cheese and he was going to throw a huge fit until I made him mac n' cheese for breakast so I decided to pick my battles and this was not one of them so the kids got mac n' cheese for breakfast and as you can see they were all pretty happy about it.

Look who's Clapping and Walking! I have seriously been trying to get this kid to clap for forever! Then one day I got him out of the bathtub and layed him on the floor and he just started clapping and laughing! It was so cute! And he is finally getting brave enough to walk. He has gotten even better since I took this video. He will all of the sudden just stand up and start walking. Six steps is about his all time high right now, but he gets better everyday.( by the way, I have since retired the obvioulsy too small p.j. top he is wearing in the video. I was a little embarrased that he was wearing too small of clothes, but oh well, I think his fat little belly is so cute!) He has also turned into a little chatter box. He has always been so quiet and all of the sudden he is constantly and loudly doing his little baby talk. Mostly it is on his play cell phone. He loves to talk on the phone!

Friday, November 7, 2008

I was helping Jaxson play some games on the computer yesterday and Alex and Nelson were playing so good together in the kitchen and then I realized they were playing a little too good together so I decided to check on them. Alex had got out a box of baby rice cereal which was full and dumped it out all over the kitchen floor and they were both sitting in the middle of it laughing and playing. It was kinda funny because I wasn't going to use the cereal anyway, Nelson hates it, and it kept them busy and happy for quite a while. So, like the nice(lazy) mother I am, I let them play in it for another couple of minutes! :0)

This is a picture of my cute boys in the tub right after I buzzed Alex's and Jaxon's heads. I really like Jaxson's hair like this, but I almost cried when I cut all of Alex's off. For some reason I have a weird emotional bond to Alex's hair. I just think its so cute! I guess it will grow back, right?

P.s. This post seems a little boring, but I have decided that this blog is like my scrapbook and journal so I want to be sure to record even the cute little details of life, so I hope I don't start boring ya too bad!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Spiderman, Lil' Devil, and Batman
Alex almost wasn't anything for Halloween this year because he refused to put on a costume. I finally convinced him to put on the Batman costume by telling him he can beat up spiderman all he wants when he's batman and batman wins everytime because he's stronger!

This picture shows perfectly exactly how Nelson felt all night :(
Every year we all get together with Jeremy's family before Trick or Treating for soup and pictures. Of course, it's not the same without the Phippens! We missed you guys! Thanks Terry for the delicious soup and rolls!


Me and my sweet little angel....oh i mean lil' devil

I had plans this halloween to do fun activities with the kids all day, but then like usual the day was crazy and I ended up taking Nelson to the doctor(The doctor said it is just the stomach flu, but his body is having a hard time getting rid of it since its been a week now! So he gave him some medicine that should help. He threw up again saturday night, but hopefully that will be the last of it and he will finally get better. The poor kid is seriously so miserable!). So once again things didn't exactly turn out how I had planned, but that night after we visited both families Jeremy put Alex and Nelson to bed and I took Jaxson around the neighborhood Trick or Treating. It was really fun to be able to spend some one on one time with Jaxson.