Saturday, August 23, 2008

Random pics that need posting

Guilty Eyes!
Alex snuck some suckers our of my purse and I found him in the corner lookig very guilty!
Busy, Busy little boy!
Nelson is all over the place!

I can't even load the dishwashwer without him climbing inside!

When summers over I am going to miss
having the kids eat outside all the time!

Sweet, Sweet, Slumber

Isn't he an Angel!


Katy said...

I love sleeping babies. I just want to eat em' up.

Lind Family said...

Fun pics! Your boys are so cute! I have seen those guilty eyes many times! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Your boys are still handsome as ever. I love the cute little trays they are eating on Those are super fun. I also love the picture of Nelson under the toy and in the dishwasher man these babies grow way to fast.

Brooke said...

Kids are the best! I love the 'guilty eyes' one. These little stinkers can't hide a thing from their mothers! This is Brooke Kress and I have to agree that the reason we sold our house so fast is because we had the best realtor ever :-)

cami said...

Hey...good to hear from you! Shame on you for not going to church :)

Honestly, sometimes I wish my incredibly healthy kids would get sick more often!!!!

I am super happy school has started...I am on my way back to sanity!!!!! But yes, I will miss not being able to send the kids outside to eat...I guess they can sit in the snow, right?

Burrup Family said...

Love the pictures! I am glad you had your camera handy so you can show Alex his guilty eyes picture and spilling the lotion when he is older. Too funny!! I love sleeping babies too.

teresa said...

My little boy crawls in the dishwasher too, so did my little girl now that I think of it. It's irritating sometimes, but so cute at the same time.

Cute pics, I love it!