Friday, July 25, 2008

Love Bird Tag!

1. Where did you and your husband meet?

My friend called and invited me to go to a corn maze in Idaho Falls and Jeremy was driving and picked me up and the corn maze was closed so we went to a movie instead. "The Replacements"

2. The first thing you said to each other?

Hi. was probably the only thing we said the whole night until the drive home and my friend sat in the backseat fighting with her boyfrend over the phone and I sat in the front with Jeremy and we talked the whole ride home and started the "no fight club" (Like the movie "The Fight Club", I know we are dorks) because we thought it was so dumb how much they were fighting.

3. When was our first date?

I don't even know when our first official date was, but it was after we had already kissed! I think we went to a haunted house.

4. First kiss?

It was the 2nd time we hung out together and it was at our friend Brittney's house. (Thanks Brittney!) He walked me to my car and after he kissed me he said "I'll call you sometime, but I'm going out of town tommorrow and then I'm going to be working alot, so I don't know when." I totally thought he was blowing me off! I was pissed! But he ended up calling me the next day and we were together everyday from then on.

5. When were the first "I love yous" said?
About 2 weeks after we met! we were sitting in his car talking about something and I said "you hate me now don't you!" and he said " no, I love you!" And he said it totally seriously and I was really caught off guard, but I said it back without even thinking and then when I got home I was like oh my heck I think I really do love him!
6. Long or short engagement?
short, just over 2 months
7. Where did you get engaged?
We always parked by the Idaho Falls Temple and talked about our future so he took me there, o.k. funny story. I thought we were just going to Idaho Falls to watch a movie. We already knew we were going to get married (even though we had only known each other for 3 weeks!) and that very day Jeremy was saying he was scared to ask my dad for permission. I didn't expect a proposal for at least a month at the soonest. So we drive to Idaho Falls and he had no intention of actually going to a movie. He stops by our spot by the Temple and wanted me to get out of the car. It was freezing outside and there was no way I was getting out of that car. I refused. so he finally gave up and we went to the movie. Then after the movie He was going to try again and the whole drive to the temple I was singing really loud the Dixie Chicks song "ready to run" He was freaking out. So we went to our spot again and I got out of the car this time and he got down on one knee and said " Lacey, I love you, will you marry me?" I was so shocked I said "Did you ask my dad?!" He said yes I asked him today! so then I finally told him yes!

8. Where were you married?
February 2, 2001 in the Idaho Falls Temple

9. Where did you go on your honeymoon?
We went on a cruise to the Bahamas

10. Where was your first home?
We bought a house in Pocatello on Washington street
I tag everyone that wants to do it!


Anonymous said...

So cute. I love the part about you thinking Jeremy was blowing you off it made me laugh. Love the pictures you guys look great together.

Burrup Family said...

Ohhh that is so sweet! That is too funny you wouldn't get out of the car the first time at your spot.

Andrea said...

Hi Lacey! I ran across your blog from Kristine's and had to check you out! Your boys are so cute! You'll have to email me and I'll send ya an invite to mine.
Glad to see your doin so great! You look awesome! ~Andrea ;)

Heather said...

Hey Lacey! How the heck are you guys! Sounds like you're doing pretty good from your blog anyway
=0) I was glad to see you still have Nana. Jaxson is SO big, last time I saw him he was just a baby. Anyway, hope everything continues to go well for you. Check out our blog too!
Heather and Jaron Simonson

Clay and Britt said...

That is so funny! I can't beleive you wouldn't get out of the car. I don't remember that! I do remember the "kiss night!" We were having a girls night and watching Center Stage! Jeremy called and want to come hang out too and I told him no at first! But I guess I was inspired and had my heart softened because I let him come. I am a good friend huh?

CorLesMarBoPi said...

That was so fun to read. Thanks

Clay and Britt said...

Clay likes (he is definitely not crazy about it like me though) the Twilight series too. So he doesn't think I am totally nuts! Just obsessed. I am glad you are like me about it! I loved Breaking Dawn but I didn't mention this on my blog post just in case it gave away too much- Renesmee is a stupid name, huh?

Mark & Jana said...

That is such a cute tag, and I love all the added pics,My brother married so UP!:)