Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thankful for the cows!

So for like the last month when we have family prayer Alex likes to kneel down, fold his arms and bow his head and say amen at the end. He thinks its so fun. But tonight when the prayer was over he got all mad and shoved jeremys head down and kept saying amen amen! We finally figured out he wanted to say a prayer himself. So Jeremy helped him and it was so funny. He got the sweetest little voice and would repeat everything Jeremy said in the cute little way he talks and he repeats everything at least twice. But everytime he said amen he would freak out again and want to pray again. This went on for like ten minutes, Jeremy just kept thinking of things to bless and be thankful for and then Jeremy said I'm thankful for the cows. And Alex went off for like 2 minutes "thankful for the cows, the cows, and the cows, thankful for the cows, the cows.......and on and on. It was so funny. Then he was finally satisfied and said amen and was ready for bed.

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Kristine said...

that is hilarious. your boys are adorable!! i seriously didn't know that boys could be so cute!