Thursday, May 15, 2008

I've been tagged!

5 things on my to do list.....
1. Do 50 loads of laundry (that might put a dent in it.)
2. Make Jaxson a dentist appointment
3. Go to Jeremy's softball game
4. Clean my storage room.(this has been a "to do" ever since we moved to this house)
5. Watch The Office and Grey's Anatamy with Jeremy

5 places I've worked.....
1. Wendy's
2. Mrs. Powells
3. Robyn Todd
4. L.D. Fitzgeralds(bankruptcy office)
5. Premier Technology

5 favorite foods .....
1. Lasagna
2. Spagetti
3. Apple Pie
4. Cinnamon Rolls
5. Homeade bread

5 places I've lived .....
1. Chubbuck
2. Pocatello
3. across the street from the reservation (thats as exciting and as far as it gets)
4. Chubbuck
5. Chubbuck

5 things you may not know about me .....
1. I'm not a stuck up brat, i'm just really shy
2. I almost died when I was a baby
3. I only knew Jeremy for 3 weeks when we got engaged
4. I had to use fertility to get Jax and Alex
5. I am so scared of spiders I have to shake all my blankets before I go to bed at night

5 things I would do if I was a billionaire ......
1. Pay off all our debt
2. Pay off all our friends and family's debt
3. buy me and Jeremy and the kids whole new wardrobes
4. get a maid and a cook
5. donate money to orphanages all over the world

5 people I tag .....
1. Staci
2. Raelyn
3. Jana
4. Lori
5. Brittney
I do not have enough friends to tag 5 people who have not already been tagged, so you guys have the option of doing it again if you so feel the need!


Anonymous said...

Lacey I didn't know you almost died what happened? Good job being so generous with your money I was a little more self absorbed thinking with mine.
Can't wait to see you and your cute kids just 1 more week!

Clay and Britt said...

No wonder we are friends! Grey's and The Office are my favorite shows! And I finally got a DVR so I can watch them both, because they are on at the same dang time! DVR is awesome!