Friday, July 17, 2009

AlEx & MiLeY = BFF

Alex and his cousin Miley are so darn cute together. They just love playing with each other. I took these pics a few months back when we were babysitting one day.

After they played in the yard they went inside and I found them naked in the bathtub just laughing.

I was trying to get them to lean their heads in together so I could take a pic and they both leaned their head the same way.
So then I said touch heads.....and this is what they did.
Then I said touch cheeks and they both put their hands on their cheecks, and then I told Alex to kiss Mileys cheek and he did it with his hands still on his face.

Oh they make me laugh! I can't wait until they are 16 and I can show them these pictures!

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