Thursday, January 29, 2009

I've been BUG tagged, List 10 things that BUG you!
10 ThInGs ThAt BuG Me!
1. Telemarketers. Especially rude ones!

2. Getting woke up twice everynight and then again at 5:30 in the morning.
(by my beautiful children of course!)

3. When I don't get all my grocery bags at walmart because the clerk doesn't spin the bag thing around to make sure you got them all!

4. When I mop the floor and it dries all streaky and with little footprints in it because the kids just cant resist walking on it.

5. Pushing shopping carts in the snow.

6. When I'm late to get somewhere and the cat runs inside and hides from me.

7. My camera taking crappy pictures all the sudden and i don't know why.

8. That the pizza delivery man can never find our house on the first try.

9. When someone is coming over so I make sure the house looks spotless and absolutely everything is picked up and then Jeremy comes home and takes his shoes off in the middle of the floor, hangs his coat over the kitchen chair, and throws the mail on the counter.( sorry Jer, I do still luv ya!)

10. That I can have my house spotless one day and the next it can look like it hasn't been cleaned for a month!
10 people I "bug" tag:
1. Raelyn B.
2. Brittney B.
3. Stacey B.
4. Abby C.
5. Shawna R.
6. Brooke K.
7. Cami E.
8. Heather S.
9. Kristina A.
10. Leslie B.


Mark & Jana said...

ur right we are TUNS alike... I dito ALL u said
It's funny, after I listed my 10 things I've been noticing lots more little things that bug...

Anonymous said...

That is crazy I agree!!!! All except for the cat thing I don't have a cat but if I did that would bug me. #10 and the one about getting up with our darling children Oh and the camera thing especially, I'm with ya. HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!!!

Cindy said...

I can totally relate with the clean house. But mine only takes seconds to ruin not days. I hope that today you can go through without too much bugging you.

Kelsie said...

You gave me a good chuckle!! I am with you on all of it. I have the same bugs. Too funny!!

Brooke said...

That is hilarious. I completely agree, especially about mopping, the messy husbands, and the house that just won't stay clean. Its fun to hear that we are all so much alike :-)