Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gingerbread House Party

Jeremy's sister and her family is home for Christmas and we are so excited! We all got together at Grandpa's last night to make gingerbread houses and have a party!

This is Alex sneaking candy. He could care less about making a house, he just wanted candy! I cannot control this kid around candy and it is the worst at grandpa's house!

ME and my BOYS making a house.

The finished product! Beautiful if I do say so myself.

Aunt Jana reading a christmas book to Miley, Alex, Hannah, and JoAnna

I was looking for Alex and I found him, Hannah, and JoAnna in Grandpas room with his stereo blaring christmas music dancing on his bed. It was really cute.

Alex sitting by his cousing Ashlynn.

Alex and Miley decided it would be fun to hide inside the cabinet and Grady is about ready to get in on the action!

Jeremy laid down on the couch and was immediately attacked by the big kids! Jeremy's Nieces and nephews just love him and have always loved to attack him!
Britton got to come play at our house for most the day yesterday and Jaxson and Alex had a blast playing with him.
This is Britton and Jaxson being silly after playing "fight night". Jeremy has "fight night" when he goes to a friends house to watch the UFC fights, so now Jaxson calls it playing "fight night" when they pretend like they are beating each other up. They both had to change their clothes into "fight night" clothes and they had alot of fun, but I had to break it up after a few minutes or it was going to turn into a real fight!

Nelson has discovered this "motorcycle" as Alex calls it. It is Alex's favorite bike in the whole world and now Nelson is big enough to ride it around and he loves it! It has made for world war 3 in our house! Jeremy was taking pictures of Nelson on it and Nelson started doing silly faces that he has been doing alot lately. He is so funny!

Alex, Britton, and Jaxson had a blast playing in the snow together.
Future Utah Jazz Players!
Alex and Nelson were playing basketball together the other day and Alex had his headband and writbands on so I dressed him in the rest of his Jazz basketball clothes and put this cute little John Stockton jersey on Nelson that aunt Jana gave him. Thanks aunt Jana, I love it! Aren't they the cutest little basketball players ever!
I just thought this was a really cute picture of Alex. He is at such a fun age and also at a very frustrated age because he is starting to talk really good, but I don't always understand him very well. I have been saying to him alot lately "I don't understand" and he gets really mad and says "NO! NOT STAND!"


Cindy said...

Looks like tons of fun!! Aren't Families the greatest!

Clay and Britt said...

K- your kids are so cute! And I love your family picture! Did you darken your hair? Because I really like it! Have a great Christmas!

Heather said...

Lacey, the Elf dance was adorable, Your boys are ADORABLE and your hair is also adorable! I am glad to see you and Jeremey are doing well. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. I love the ones of Nelson on the motorcycle. It is great to be home Britton had lots of fun at your house!

Katy Schepis Edmondson said...

Way cute pictures!!! Wish we had snow here in Houston. It actually snowed last week a hour north of us. I was so bumbed...I haven't seen snow in FOREVER!!!

Burrup Family said...

Such cute pictures!! The kids look like they are have a blast and I am glad Lori and her family are here for Christmas. YEAH! How fun!!

Karianne said...

Britton is such a crack-up. After playing with him for an evening, my little princess came home singing, "Jingle Bells, your butt smells." I'm still trying to get her to stop. Ha Ha Ha.