Sunday, September 7, 2008

September 8th is a very special day. It is Jaxson's birthday, my dad's birthday, and my grandpa's birthday! We always have a fun party celebrating 3 generations of birthdays!

For anybody who doesn't already know it, Jaxson LOVES bugs! He spends all day trying to catch them and reading about them so he knows the best spots to catch them! So, this year he wanted a bug birthday cake and so I made him a disgusting bug birthday cake! It actually tasted really good. I made a chocolate cake and tore it into chunks and mixed oreo cookies n' cream pudding with it and the creme from inside oreos and then topped it with chocolate pudding and crushed oreos. YUUUMMM!

He got all the right birthday presents and was really excited about everyone of them.
One of his presents from Jeremy and I was a bug vacuum. Its like a little dust buster that sucks up bugs and then there is a magnifying glass to see them better. I don't know who liked it more, Jaxson, or all the big kids (like Jeremy). At one time they had a grasshopper, earwig, bumble bee and cat face spider in it! YUUUCK! But man they all had fun!
Things I love about Jaxson:
1. He is a very caring big brother
2. He always wants to cuddle
3. He loves to sing and make up songs
4. The cute way he talks
5. His adorable smile
6. His enthusiasm for everything
7. He is very helpful
8. He is very sensitive to peoples feelings
9. He loves "family time"
10. When I'm sick or sad he gives me his cuddly blanket
Things Jaxson loves:
1. His brothers
2. Climbing on his dad like a jungle gym
3. Hanging out as a family
4. Catching bugs
5. Playing with his action figures
6. Singing and making up songs
7. chocolate milk
8. Playing with friends and cousins
9. collecting tickets, cards, any little trinket
10. visiting grandparents
I love you Jaxson! You are getting so big and grown up! I am so proud of the "little man" you are becoming!


Lind Family said...

Cute! I love the bug cake! You are so creative!

Katy said...

Too bad you live so far away. My 4 year old and your 4 year old would be great friends. Emma said he was cute...and so it beings... she is staring to have crushes on boys. I'm not ready for that yet.

Mark & Jana said...

happy birthday jax, you are getting so big! all the pictures are so cute, i love the one with grandpa and great grandpa.

Burrup Family said...

Ohh he is so cute! Tell him Happy Birthday for me!! The cake looks so yummy even with the bugs on it. That is cool that he shares his birthday with your dad and grandpa.

CorLesMarBoPi said...

What a perfect cake. That is so him.

teresa said...

LOVE the cake, what a great idea. Happy birthday to your little boy, time flies so fast!

RaelynB. said...

Hey Lacey! Tell Jaxon Happy Birthday! It looks like he had a great day! Bugs are th coolest thing ever (according to my boys). Your blog is great! Have an awesome day!